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Paris Workshop 2018

Webinar workshop in Energy Finance

December 14  & 18, 2018
 KLab - ESSEC Business School - Cergy (France)

On Dec 14, ECOMFIN Webinar hosted by Guest Speaker:

 René Aïd 
University Paris-Dauphine - France

Optimal Electricity Demand Response 
Contracting with Responsiveness Incentives

On Dec 18, ECOMFIN Webinar hosted by Guest Speakers:

Paolo Guasoni
Dublin City University - Ireland

Asset Prices in Segmented and Integrated Markets
Nikos Nomikos 
Cass Business School - UK

The Formation of Forward Rates in Dry Bulk Shipping: 
Spot Rates, Risk Premia and Heterogeneous Expectations 

Gianluca Fusai
Cass Business School - UK

Assessing Calibration Risk